CBG Oil 5%


Highest Quality CBG Oil 5% by Herbal Health CBD
(contains 5% cannabigerol)

Total CBG: 500mg

Size/Volume: 10ml

Ingredients: CBG Isolate, Hemp Oil


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Herbal Health 5% CBG Oil (500mg) – 10ml

Herbal Health CBG Oil 5% contains CBG (cannabigerol) which is an active substance found in hemp oil and is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant.

Total CBG: 500mg

Size/Volume: 10ml

CBG Oil tinctures are a stellar addition to any health and wellness routine. The joys associated with this organic compound can’t be overstated. While CBD has unique properties that allow it to interact with our endocannabinoid system and peripheral receptors, CBG acts as a perfect key in lock mechanism to the portions of our physiological system that CBD doesn’t reach. Together, they form a powerful synergy.

CBG oil can be thought of as a general tonic that will help wash away tension while allowing you to ease into the present moment. Many users thoroughly enjoy CBG, as much, if not more so than CBD!

To really get the most out of these oils, it is best to combine them. You may have heard of the “entourage effect” that comes along with hemp use. This entourage effect describes a unique property of hemp compounds when they are taken together. When enjoyed simultaneously, they harmonise and interact with a superior selection of advantageous targets in the body and mind.

Trust us; you won’t want to miss out on the natural cascade of positivity that follows when taking these products in unison. Each bottle of CBG provides 10ml of tincture oil and comes complete with an attached ml dropper that can be used to measure your doses with accuracy and ease.

When taking CBG oil, it is wise to keep your daily dose below the FSA recommendation of 70mg. This dosage recommendation was intended for CBD, but with CBG residing in the same family of cannabinoids, and presenting a few similar qualities, we urge you to stick to these guidelines. If taking them together, do not exceed a complete cannabinoid total of 70mg per day.

This particular 5% blend contains a concentration of 500mg of CBG per bottle. This will make a significant contribution to the daily dosage of CBD that you are likely enjoying already. Our consumers typically enjoy taking one to three 5-20mg cannabigerol doses each day.

CBG Oil Ingredients

CBG Isolate, Hemp Oil

Flavours: Natural

Recommended Use

Reference packaging information for dosing instructions. Use the attached 1 ml dropper to select your desired amount, place the oil under the tongue, and hold for seventy-five seconds before swallowing.

Advisory Information

According to FSA statements made in 2019, CBD is intended only for adults in good health condition. Do not consume more than 70mg of Cannabinoids each day.

Always consult a medical professional before beginning a new supplement routine.

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