Grape Juice CBD Vape 30ml


Grape Juice CBD Vape – 30ml – 300mg/600mg/1000mg

Total CBD: 300mg/600mg/1000mg

Size/Volume: 30ml

PG/VG Ratios: 300mg 50/50 ~ 600mg 70/30 ~ 1000mg 80/20

Flavour: Grape Juice

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Herbal Health Grape Juice CBD Vape – 30ml

Herbal Health?s signature Grape Juice CBD Vape carries incredible grape soda vibes that will light up your palate with every toke. Meant for any open system vape device, these 30ml bottles are available in three concentrations: 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg.

The different strengths will provide not only a varied total amount of CBD, but it will also change the strength of each drop of this vital vape oil. With more significant concentrations, you can enjoy more potent amounts of cannabidiol with each draw.

Each of these concentrations relies on a unique oil base to create the perfect cloud volume and hit consistency. The 300mg liquid uses a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, the 500mg uses a 70/30 mixture, and the 1000mg blend utilises an 80/20 composition.

The cannabidiol used in this top-notch e-liquid is provided in crystalline CBD isolate form. Isolated CBD includes no other hemp compounds. This implies a 0% THC concentration, leading to a non-psychoactive impact. Using CBD isolate products can never lead to a false positive for THC testing.

Fruity flavours like this can be enjoyed at a variety of wattage’s. Apply this drip to any open system vape device, and get ready to blow huge plumes of vapour. The cloud density and texture is perfect, and we guarantee total satisfaction with every hit.

All of Herbal Health’s cannabidiol is extracted from pure CBD hemp flowers. These luscious buds are grown on Colorado’s rolling hills, one of the few regions of the world with first-class, long-acting standards for cannabis/hemp cultivation. From first-class testing to incredible cultivation techniques, experts create potent and efficient CBD extracts for everyone to enjoy.

Post-production, you can rely on independent lab testing that reveals every ingredient contained in these products. Each batch is shown to contain 0% THC and consistent levels of CBD. This way, you can trust the label and precisely manage your daily dose.

All of our these are totally pure, just as nature intended. When it comes to crafting vape liquids, Herbal Health take extra care to produce mixtures featuring only safe and recognised flavouring ingredients along with a crystalline CBD. The PG/VG base used for these liquids is recognised as the industry standard, producing a reliable experience across millions of products.

Rip into these delicious Grape Juice clouds, and enjoy the satisfying results of cannabidiol inhalation. With a considerable bioavailability rate and immediate onset, CBD e-liquids are an incredible addition to your holistic routine.

Grape Juoce CBD Vape Ingredients

CBD Isolate, PG/VG Base, Natural Flavouring Agents

Recommended Use

Apply this juice to the open system vaping device of your choice. Reference the packaging information for CBD concentration details before administering your desired dose.

Lab Analysis Certificates

Additional information

Additional information


Herbal Health CBD


Grape Juice


300mg (50/50), 600mg (70/30), 1000mg (80/20)

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